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The website uses cookies to facilitate and personalise the user’s browsing experience; by browsing the Website, the user agrees to the use of cookies in compliance with this document. This notice represents an extension of the cookie notification banner displayed when users first connect to the home page of this Website. There exist two categories of cookies:

  • technical cookies: these are necessary for correct functioning of a website and to permit browsing by the user; without these the user may not be able to visualise the pages correctly or to use some services.
  • profiling cookies: these are used for creating user profiles to send advertising messages in line with preferences shown by the user during browsing.

Cookies, whether “technical” or “profiling”, can also be classified as:
•      “session” cookies, which are deleted immediately on closing of the browser;
•      “persistent” cookies, which remain in the browser for a determinate period of time; these are used, for example, to recognise the device which connects to a website, facilitating user authentication operations;
•      “own” cookies, generated and managed directly by the operator of the website on which the user is browsing;
•      “third party” cookies, generated and operated by parties other than the operator of the website on which the user is browsing.
The Website uses “technical” cookies and in particular the following types of cookie:
(i) own cookies, session or persistent, necessary to allow browsing on the Website, for the purpose of internal security and systems administration;
(ii) third party cookies, persistent, used by Website to send statistical information to Google Analytics, by way of which the Company can perform statistical analysis of access/visits to the Website. The cookies used pursue exclusively statistical purposes and collect information in aggregated form. By way of two cookies, one persistent and the other session (expiring on closure of the browser), Google Analytics also saves a register with times of commencement of visits to the Website and exit from same. It is possible to prevent Google from taking the data by way of the cookies and the subsequent formulation of the data by downloading and installing the plug-in for browser from the following address: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=it
You can choose to which cookies to give your consent. In the case of third party cookies, users shall provide or deny consent directly to the owner of the cookie in question, to which the Company merely refers: most third party cookies present on the website can be disabled by users on their own browser or by consulting directly the sites of the operators using the links indicated in the table below. In any event, we point out that disabling cookies could impair your ability to use the Website and/or prevent you from benefitting in full from the available functions and services.
The following table describes in detail the cookies present on the Website. The link to the privacy policy of the party which generates and manages those cookies is shown alongside each “third party cookie”:







First Party -

Session and persistent 

Cookies required to make navigation on the Website possible, for internal security and administration purposes, as well as to memorize the language selected by the user

This page

google.gr google.com

Third Party - persistent

Cookie for the Google Analytics service





Instructions for operation of cookies on the various browsers:


  1. Select the menu on the upper right-hand corner of the browser tool bar
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the link Show advanced settings
  4. In the section Privacy select Content settings
  5. In the section Cookie change the following settings based on the action required for operation of the cookies:
    Allow sites to save and read cookie data
  6. Keep local data only until you quit your browser
  7. Prevent sites from setting any data
  8. Block third party cookies and site data
  9. Manage exceptions for some Internet sites
  10. All cookies and site data

For more information visit the relevant Google page

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the menu in the upper right corner of the browser tool bar
  2. Select Options
  3. Select the Privacy section
  4. In the section Tracking, select the appropriate button if you want to communicate to sites your wish not to be tracked
  5. In the section History, select from the drop-down menu Use Custom Settings change the following settings depending on the action desired for cookie operation:
    Accept cookies from websites (select the appropriate button);
  6. Accept third party cookies (select from the drop-down menu one of the following Options: always, from most visited or never);
  7. Store them for a set period of time (select from the drop-down menu one of the following Options: until they expire, when Firefox is closed or ask every time);
  8. Again, in the History section, select Show cookies if you wish to clear the cookies present on your computer.

For more information visit the relevant Mozilla page

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Tools button
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Select Privacy
  4. In the scrolling menu, select one of the following options change the following settings according to what you want to do to handle the cookies:
    Block all cookies
  5. High
  6. Medium High
  7. Medium
  8. Low
  9. Accept all the cookies
  10. Select specific sites that you will accept cookie from: click “Sites” and in the “Address of Website” box, type a website address then click “Block” or “Allow”

For more information visit the relevant Microsoft page


  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Select Preferences and then click on Privacy
  4. In the “Block Cookies” section choose the way Safari should handle cookies.
  5. Click on Details to see which websites have stored their cookies

For more information visit the relevant Apple page


  1. Start Opera
  2. Select “Settings” in the main menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Select “Privacy & Security”
  4. In the section “Cookies”, select one of the following options:
    Allow local storage
  5. Keep local data only until I quit my browser
  6. Do not permit sites to save any data
  7. Block third party cookies and site data
  8. By selecting the button “All cookies and site data” you can remove the cookies present on your computer.

For more information visit the relevant Opera page




To access the service it is necessary to declare to have read the privacy information notice by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page

The Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation wishes to inform you that the processing of your personal data, performed by way of the website (“Website”) or collected by way of this contact form (“Form”) takes place in compliance with the applicable data protection law (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) and the Website’s Privacy Policy.

1. Data Controller and DPO
Data Controller is the BASIL AND ELISE GOULANDRIS FOUNDATION, with registered offices in 6 P. ARAVANTINOU STREET, 106 74 Athens, Greece (“Controller”). The Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) can be contacted at: dataprotectionreport@goulandris.gr

2. The data we process
With your consent, we process the following ordinary and sensitive personal data which you provide when you interact with the Website and use the related services and functions. These data include, in particular name and surname, contact details, professional qualifications and content of your specific requests or reports and the additional data which the Controller may acquire, also from third parties, in the course of business (“Data”). In order to enable us to fulfil the requests you send by means of the contact form and/or manage adverse event notification it is necessary to consent to the processing of the data marked with an asterisk (*). Without those mandatory data or the consent we cannot proceed any further. Conversely, the information requested in fields not marked with an asterisk and your consent to receive information material are optional: failure to provide them shall have no consequence. In any event, even without your prior consent, the Controller may process your data to comply with legal obligations stemming from laws, regulations and EU Law, to exercise rights in legal proceedings, to pursue its own legitimate interests and in all cases provided by Articles 6 and 9 of the GDPR, where applicable. Processing shall take place both using computers and on paper, and shall always entail the implementation of the security measures provided by current law.

3. Why and how we process your data
The Data are processed for the following purposes:
(i) to handle your requests for information submitted through the Website and the Form; the legal basis for the processing of personal data for this purpose is your consent (Articles 6.1.a and 9.2.a of the GDPR);
(ii) to manage adverse event reports submitted through the Website or the Forms; the legal basis for processing for these purposes are your consent (Articles 6.1.a and 9.2.a of the GDPR). Furthermore, but only with your optional consent which constitutes the legal basis of the processing pursuant to Article 6.1.a. of the GDPR:
(iii) to receive promotional materials (direct marketing) from the Foundation.
By ticking the appropriate boxes you agree to processing for these purposes.

Your data may in any case be processed, even without your consent, for the purpose of complying with laws, regulations, EU Law (art 6.1.(c) of the GDPR, to perform statistics on the Website’s usage and ensure its proper functioning (art. 6.1.(f) of the Regulation).

The personal data are entered into the Foundation’s computer system in full compliance with data protection law, including security and confidentiality profiles and based on principles of correct practice, lawfulness and transparency in processing. Data shall be stored for as long as strictly necessary for the attainment of the purposes for which they were collected. In any event the criterion used to determine that period is based on compliance with the time limits set by law and with the principles of data minimisation, storage limitation and rational management of archives.

All your data will be processed on paper or by means of automated instruments, which in any case ensure an appropriate level of security and confidentiality.

4. Persons who have access to the Data
The Data are processed electronically and manually according to procedures and logics relating to the abovementioned purposes and are accessible by the Controller’s staff authorised to process personal Data and their supervisors, and in particular to staff belonging to the following categories: technical, IT and administrative staff, device vigilance staff, as well as other individuals who need to process the data to perform their job duties. The Data may be communicated, also in countries outside the European Union (“Third Countries”) to: (i) institutions, authorities, public bodies for their institutional purposes; (ii) professionals, independent consultants –individually or in partnerships- and other third parties and providers which supply to the Controller commercial, professional or technical services required to operate the Website (e.g., provision of IT and Cloud Computing services), in order to pursue the purposes specified above and to support the Foundation with the provision of the services you requested; (iii) third parties in the event of audits or other extraordinary operations;
The mentioned recipients shall only receive the Data necessary for their respective functions and shall duly undertake to process them only for the purposes indicated above and in compliance with data protection laws. The Data can furthermore be communicated to the other legitimate recipients identified from time to time by the applicable laws. With the exception of the foregoing, the Data shall not be shared with third parties, whether legal or natural persons, who do not perform any function of a commercial, professional or technical nature for the Controller and shall not be disseminated. The individuals who receive the data shall process them, as the case may be, in the capacity as Controller, Processor or person authorised to process personal data, for the purposes indicated above and in compliance with data protection law.
Regarding any transfer of Data outside the EU, including in countries whose laws do not guarantee the same level of protection to personal data privacy as that afforded by EU Law, the Controller informs that the transfer shall in any event take place in accordance with the methods permitted by the GDPR, such as, for example, on the basis of the user’s consent, on the basis of the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission, by selecting parties enrolled in international programmes for free movement of data (e.g. EU-USA Privacy Shield) or operating in countries considered safe by the European Commission.

5. Your Rights
By contacting the Controller at the addresses indicated above you can, at any time, exercise the rights pursuant to Articles 15-22 of the GDPR such as, for example, obtaining an updated list of the individuals who can access your data, obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data which relates to you, verify their content, origin, correctness, location (also with reference to any Third Countries ), request a copy, request their rectification and, in the cases provided by the GDPR, request the restriction of their processing, their erasure, oppose to direct contact activities (including limited to some mediums of communication), to receiving promotional materials (direct marketing) from the Foundation. Likewise, you can always report observations on specific uses of the data regarding particular personal situations deemed incorrect or unjustified by the existing relationship to the DPO or submit complaints to the Data Protection Authority. You may withdraw your consent at any time - however that shall not impair the lawfulness of the processing carried out before consent withdrawal.




“Contact us” FORM

Having read the privacy information notice I consent to the processing of personal data including sensitive personal data, for the purposes of managing my request pursuant to the GDPR,
□ Yes (*) □ No

In addition,
I consent to the processing of my personal data, to receive promotional materials (direct marketing) from the Foundation, with both traditional and automated systems
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(*) Required data and consent: should you not wish to provide them, we will be unable to process your request